Sunday 2 January 2022

Bye 2021 - Hello 2022

 Happy New Year

Looking back on 2021, I think its safe to say it was more bad than good for many of us. But looking at the good,
  • Got through COVID / Made many new friends
  • Started cancer treatment / Finished cancer treatment
  • Started new job / Learned some cool ML stuff
  • Went to Cancun and to celebrate many things 
  • Confirmed remission / Cleared tp get out "the port"
  • Spent a lot of time with family
When I was sick I made some promises to the universe
  • Give back to family
  • Give back to the universe
  • Give back to spirit

Give Back To Family

All the amazing support from family and friends, including new friends, I believe helped me through the ordeal.  "Never give up, never surrender." It made me realize how important we all are to each other, and how interconnected we are, even when we're distant. A thought, little gesture, or kind words can mean so much. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Let avarice and wrath flee from your mind like darkness in sunlight. Love everyone.

Give Back to the Universe

We live in such a beautiful reality.  It's creative. It's organized. Be respectful to everything. Set, sort, shine, standardize and sustain. Order and simplicity evolved from chaos and complexity; and the marvelous irony that chaos sprang from nothing. "Pure energy" became material as it lost energy. It came together again only to get so complex it exploded into new material. And that organized again. From plasma to hydrogen; from hydrogen into the periodic table; from atoms to molecules; from molecules to enzymes; and enzymes to everything alive. The stoics "mind fire" and Bergson's "creative evolution". Love everything.

Give Back to Spirit

Its unfortunate we get caught in ruts and lose sight of the special things that make us unique. We stop using our gifts. Let's make music. Let's play games. Let's do crafts. Make time to find joy and expand your mind - and get that feeling of euphoria and calm that just comes from knowing you are expanding your spirit and being positive. Do the things you love; love the things you do. Love yourself.


Going into 2022, I made a few more promises to myself and I've started to fill some promises.
  • I started rock polishing. My goal is to explore at least one gem trail with my wife. Turn a rock into a gemstone.
  • I will no longer be silent.  "Silence like a cancer grows." This is true in all things but especially true when it means "do the right thing" and "don't be a bystander."
  • Cherish the life I've been given. Effectively I have a second chance, and its time to stop treating my body like a neglected dump. I don't know if I can get chiseled, but I can try get healthy.
  • I want to be fluent in Spanish before the end of the year. 
  • I want to learn martial arts with my kids and play more creative "brain" games like D&D.
  • I want to have a patent with my new employer before the end of the year (that contributes something really cool to technical fabric.)
  • I want to get frickin organized and stay that way.