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AutoMate is a tool that allows you to make shortcuts within Cortana for deep linking.  What is deep linking? Modern apps, in particular the new UWP apps, support being "driven" by URL. This is great - because it means you can automate those applications.  This is what AutoMate does. It has a simple "query" a user can set to call a "protocol handler" to tell an app to do something. It can be simple (for example; open the app) to complex (for example; open the app with credentials and perform actions on behalf of the user).  A query and a protocol URI combine into what AutoMate calls a shortcut.

You can create voice invocations for not-so-simple bookmarks on the web, open a recurring meeting, or anything you want as long as the app you're calling supports linking.

For example, you can say "Hey Cortana, ask AutoMate maps find restaurants in Redmond" and AutoMate uses Cortana to open the Maps app with that search.

There are some baked in shortcuts.
You can add your own personal shortcuts, or edit the ones provided if you are my Patreon Patron.

AutoMate uses @# to denote what the intents are in the query (invocation phrase). For each @#, you provide an example (for validation and readability). Then you can use the @# to denote where the intents are mapped into the URL (protocol handler). Finally, you can automatically generate the Regular Expression from the query by having the "Generate Regex" check box on, OR you can create your own expression (if you are a regex guru! You can build very complicated and powerful expressions with a little training.)

This skill is presently being demonstrated to friends; let me know if you have any protocols you'd like included on release!

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