The Art of War


Sun Tzu - The Art of War

The Art of War by Sun Tzu, also known as Methods of War, is an ancient treatise on strategic thinking. Written around 480 BC its insights are still valuable today.

This text is based on the 1910 Giles translation.

You can issue commands for a random verse, or say previous, next, repeat, or help. You can pick a specific chapter and verse. You can also switch between a male and female narrator.

This is a chat bot. Chat bots are designed to send short messages back and forth with a user. The Narrator chat bot (used in Art of War) will read one verse at a time. It is interactive: to proceed through a conversation, you need to issue commands like 'next verse'. However, in an experimental capacity (on Google), it supports 'play', that will read the entire work on certain devices.

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Actions on Google

Talk to Art of War ...
Read any verse
Go to chapter 1 verse 1
Show next verse
Show previous verse
Talk in a male/female voice | Talk like a man|woman
Tell me about Sun Tzu | Art of War
Help me
Repeat that
Where am I


The Art of War is a retooling of the Tale Teller skill.  Tale Teller supported multiple books, chapters, etc. In the end - maintaining a catalog inside the skill was not a good idea.

Also, Art of War is a retooling of how I handle invocations. There really isn't a reason to use LUIS for something this basic so I replaced all triggers with regex scanners.

Hey Cortana...
Previous - previous verse
Replay - this verse
Next - next verse
Random - a random verse
What/Where - where am I
Chapter N Verse M - pick a chapter and verse
About - a quick about and link here
Help - help page

Developer Notes

It took about 2 hours to port Art of War from botframework/Cortana to Actions/Dialogflow.  There are a few enhancements.

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