Friday 12 June 2015

Could Not Wait

Well, I plugged in an ethernet cable into the hub and the Pi, and USB mini power from my desktop to the Pi... just to see if I could log in.  Turned it on, installed putty on my Windows 7 machine, checked my router just in case it gave itself an IP via DHCP (that it did), and...

There ya go!  Like magic it worked.  It helps to read - I should have run raspi-config first because I looked up on the web how to resize the micro-SD card up to 32G and did it manually via fdisk (and of course raspi-config does this for you.)  Note, there is no swap partition on the raspian image I downloaded from raspberrypi - so no need to delete it!

Next thing after browsing /var/syslog to see what I missed during boot.  Then off to see if I could install Java.  Typed 'arch' and saw the arm chip.  Saw a note about hard float being used in the forums.  And guess what - Oracle Java arm with hard float is pre-installed!  (Not sure about full JDK, but javac is in /usr/bin.)

Next I thought I wanted to "see" the desktop.  So I installed MobaXterm.  It doesn't work out the box (as in I got the window with the background up, a few error messages, but no actually desktop.)  Not sure why yet; I might not care because I saw a few folks say "just install xrdp via sudo apt-get xrdp" and more magic.

Minecraft and Mathematica are also installed!  Life is good.

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