Friday 22 April 2016

I Turned my Pi into an Echo (not quite)

Being sick with a head cold, I took a few hours to play with the Pi and do something Alexa like.  I've been trying to get an Alexa project in - but time isn't my friend at this time.

Installing everything I needed on the Pi took a couple hours.  It, for the most part, went without a hitch.  However, there are some things that irritate me.

The instruction on getting tightvncserver persisted doesn't work for me.  For whatever reason, I need to start it each time I boot my Pi, (and also I did not set the maven environment variables in a startup script, so I need to do this every time I make a shell).

The java installer script is broken.  lsb was not installed on my Pi.  I went to get it, and then though it is Wheezy, the version code wrong.  So - comment out the first few lines to check the version and I updated Java okay.

The AYL speaker I bought makes a TON of noise when the USB power is plugged into the Pi.  I figure its drawing too much amperage given the connection I had to the USB on the computer I use.  I didn't retry it on a wall charger.

Even though I said yes to Amazon Music, I gather their is a permission step from Amazon they might not be willing to grant for hackers such as myself - even though I have Prime and active Amazon Music subscription!  Grrr.

But at least now I have a base to play with.  The companion server (node js) and the sample java client both work as documented.  Note, you do not need a wake word, just give the command once you click the start button.

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