Sunday 26 August 2018

Enabling Colossal Cave on Cortana

I am back at it. The first step was getting a version of Colossal Cave running. I found Eric Raymond's official public port:


I compiled it for Windows (using MinGW-64) and made a few changes (removing unix curses and flushing input appropriately so it worked inside a pipe.)

The next step was putting together a Cortana dialog-based shell calling an external process to invoke it. The fun here is the node.js event loop. Reading and writing to the pipe did not happen when I expected, so the dialog was out of sync until I forced the Cortana dialog to happen after pipe write.

So I now how a demo-able version of Colossal Cave on an Invoke with Cortana.

What is next before publishing?

  1. Support multiple, concurrent users (yay fork).
  2. Support save game.
  3. Improve the Windows 10 prompt to repeat the text.

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