Saturday 18 April 2020

Cortana Skills are Gone

Well, it is over.

Cortana is dead.

In February, Microsoft killed third party skills.  Though you can skill invoke the bots, the interface from Windows or Invoke is dead.

So the question is ... now what.  Relaunch the skills I have as plug ins for Teams chat? Or just wait... continue to build on Google Actions. 

Update: I spent 5 minutes and hooked the bot webchat to the Art of War and Mediations pages. So... at least you can still see the botframework part in action!


  1. If Microsoft brings skills back after working trhough the office stuff with cortana will you reneable them?

    Also I expect skills for cortna if fully gone to be replaced by the alexa connection in a more easily contextual format. If that happens do you intend to submit for alexa?

    1. If Cortana comes back, and the format is similar, I would revive them. As for Alexa, never going to do it. I've also let the skills lapse on Google, but might bring them back, I was just annoyed they forced me to have to upgrade to support underlying libraries. I should not have to maintain my code because someone else changes supporting libs.