Thursday 4 May 2023

1Up Arcade Mod: Fixing the Sound

After assembling my cabinet, I noted a lot of feedback (noise, or humm) through the amp. I tried a few tricks to isolate the noise, but I am not done yet. Often this is caused by some circuit (bit of electronic equipment) being grounded, or slightly "out of phase" because they're on different power suppies - though everything I have is grounded and on the same power supply.
  • changed/shortened the audio cable from the video card to the amp
  • change the position of the power cables and power supply
This did not work. So I ordered some ferrit clips and this "Ground Loop Noise Isolator" from Amazon.

It absolutely eliminated the hum! But it also cuts the high and low frequencies, so the sound is a bit muffled. However, until I can really isolate the noise, it is very livable.
Originally I had an unshielded stereo mini to RCA cable that was 3 ft. Way too much cable and I want a tidy cabinet - and limit noise. I replaced it with a shielded 1.5 ft cable - so I have less clutter but it was not the source of the hum.

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