Tuesday 30 May 2023

1Up Arcade Mod: Powering the Cab

The ODROID is recommended 12V 2.5a. The LCD is recommended "same as 1Up power" that is 12V 2.0a. The amp is also 12V 3.0a. However, having multiple transformers (power adapters) just creates heat and cabling mess. Putting in an industrial rectifier is more my style, but not so simple, and I don't need different voltages. And, I learned the hard way, that the amplifier draws more than 2 amps, and the ODROIOD can't satisfy a wifi nub, remote keyboard nub, the 4 port mini hub, and the two joystick/button decoders that in turn power .5 amp worth of button LEDs. I figured I was about 2 amps short of power.

very close to what I had, and I didn't have luck with the independant powered hubs
I replaced the 3' USB A - USB B cables with 1' versions.
So, I found a 12V 10a power supply typically used in home security systems, and a 3 way splitter. I re-used the extension cable for the 1Up. Plenty of juice.

And here is the finished, powered cabinet in use.

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